The Book of Daniel
The Book of Daniel Sunday School Class Notes.pdf
The MAIN DOCUMENT which contains all of the weekly class notes.
A Fallen Kingdom - A Stump of Iron and Bronze.pdf
Details Daniel 4:13-15.
Calculating the Seventy Weeks of Years.pdf Seventy weeks of years are determined to complete the punishment of Isreal. This prophecy is based on the three-hundred-and-sixty-day prophetic year. This document explores the relationship of the prophecy and how it maps over time using the prophetic year.
Daniel 12-4 Duality Clarification.pdf
Clarification of the duality in the statement in Daniel 12:4.
Details of the Empires of the Statue.pdf
Details of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar's dream where he is shown the progression of the march of the gentile kingdoms throughout the ages.
God Hands the Earth over to Nebbie.pdf God purposely hands control of the world over to Persian King Nebuchadnezzar and tells His nation Israel to quietly submit and to not resist. This document details this as recorded in the book of Jeremiah.
Religion in Ancient Persia.pdf The ancient Persia the Bible speaks of is the territory that encompasses what is modern day Iran and Iraq. This document briefly describes the religions the Persians observed. Islam has superceded all other religions in modern day Iran and Iraq.
Roman and Greek Deities.pdf The gods of Greek and Roman mythology are based on perversion of God-given truth and history - the doctrines of demons. These doctrines figure greatly in the history of the Gentile world governments. This document supplies basic information about the more prominent gods in mythology.
The 360 Day Prophetic Year of the Bible - Grant Jeffrey.pdf
The prophetic year as explained by Grant R. Jeffrey.
The Aramaic Language.pdf Aramaic is one of the Semitic languages that was widely the general language of the Gentiles. A portion of the Book of Daniel was written in Aramaic. This document provides a basic understanding of what this language is and why it was used in the writing of a portion of the book of Daniel.