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Cover-to-Cover Overview of The Entire Bible Notes as of 5-15-18 - Vol 2.pdf Volume Two of the weekly class notes. THIS document contains the latest class notes.


Cover-to-Cover Overview of The Entire Bible Notes - Vol 1.pdf Volume One of the weekly class notes. This document covers the books of Genesis through 1 Kings.
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The Book of Jasher.pdf This is the document directly referenced in both the books of Joshua and II Samuel.
The Law of Israel vs. The Law Under Grace.pdf This extended document compares the efficacy of the law of Israel versus the law of the New Covenant as fulfilled through Jesus Christ. NOTE: The AUDIO file for 2-8-09 is associated with the teaching from THIS document.
The Book of Enoch.pdf The prophetic Book of Enoch confirms the witness of God through His creation and addresses God's dealing with humanity toward salvation and the coming day of Tribulation. It also briefly reviews the history of certain of the fallen angels who intentionally interacted in most awful ways with human beings in an effort to pollute and void the genetic lineage through which Jesus Christ would be born. Although not part of canonized Scripture, this book is widely recognized as factual and is mentioned in the book of Jude (Jude 1:14).
What Exactly are Magi.pdf We are told in Scripture that "wise men" or Magi traveled from afar to worship the new born Messiah as King of the Jews. They came from Persia and traveled two years to Bethlehem for this event. This document briefly explains the history of the Magi.
A Summary History of Nimrod and Babylon.pdf Nimrod and the Tower of Babel started the major world religious and economic systems which saturate the thread of world history and will be the core of the coming one world government under the Antichrist. It marks the beginning of the pervasive economic and and religous systems that have engulfed the entire world and ends with the final destruction of both these manifestations of the Babylonian system, as detailed in the Book of Revelation. This document provides a background of Mystery and economic Babylon and its founders Nimrod and his wife, Semiramis, also known as the Queen of Heaven.
Scripture Verses Missing in the NIV Bible.pdf This document presents an example of stark differences among Bible translations where some of the Scriptures are softened, made politically correct or even omitted or reliquished to the footnotes or margin area. The example used here is the NIV Bible because this version is one of the most widely used.
A Chronology of King David.pdf This document presents a brief chronology of King David's life.