The Book of Revelation   Click Here for Audio Recordings
Book of Revelation Class Notes.pdf The MAIN DOCUMENT which contains all of the weekly class notes.
A Summary History of Nimrod and Babylon.pdf Nimrod and the Tower of Babel started and runs along the thread through history which takes the beginning of Babylon the Great and ends with the final destruction of both the ecumenical and economic Babylonian pieces of the Babylonian system. This document provides a background of Mystery and economic Babylon and its founder Nimrod.
Symbols and Types in the Bible.pdf The Bible and, more specifically, the book of Revelation is based on symbols, numbers and types. This document addresses these at a high level.
The New Age Elohim and Yahweh.pdf Interesting record of New Age thoughts on God's identity based on the direct doctrine of demons through willing human beings who are used as channeling mediums.
The Story of Balaam.pdf The story of Baalam figures even into the book of Revelation as Jesus speaks to the church at Pergamum. This document details the story of Baalam and Balak and ties this together so that you can better understand why Jesus speaks of Baalam when describing His thoughts on the church at Pergamum.
Two Witnesses.pdf This document discusses who the Two Witnesses presented in the book of Revelation and speaks to who these two men might be and why they might be chosen.
What Does The Koran Say about The Jews.pdf Islam is a religion based on twisted interpretation of Scripture and history. This religion has been formed as one of the tools to destroy the nation of Israel and Christians. This document uses the Koran (Islam's bible) itself to detail what Islam teaches about the Jews and Christians. Islam will figure very greatly until after the beginning of the Tribulation.